Distinguished Service Award Recipients

This Year’s Recipient of the Distinguished Service Award

Steve and Judy Storm

Past Recipients

The Distinguished Service Award will be presented annually during the Utah State Square and Round Dance Festival to an outstanding individual or couple who have given his/her/their me, talents, and expertise. Winners in the recent past are:

Lee & Lois Hatchell
Abe & Patsy Schreiter
Don & Arlene Carlton
Betty Duncan
Scotty & Fran Scott
Dick & Joanne Thomas
John & Lavona Hutchins

Charlie & Juanita Clapham
Ginny & Kerry Ellertson
Peter & Phyllis Webb
Duane & Shauna Woodmansee
Dave & Cindy Kempff
Craig & Sandi Satterthwaite
Kathy & Aaron Beans

The Distinguished Service Award is recognition by an individual’s peers, which sets the recipient apart from the ordinary, as follows:

  • Outstanding and significant contribution to the field of square and/or round dancing.
  • This contribution must have stood the test of time.
  • Relates to unselfish contribution – divorced from personal gain and monetary rewards; requires an attitude that thinks of others first.
  • Recipient must maintain and conduct his/herself in a professional leadership capacity – professionalism reflecting high standards of leadership to which they have dedicated themselves in their day-to-day actions.

If you would like to nominate someone for the Distinguished Service Award, please download the nomination form!