2024 Distinguished Service Award

Steve and Judy Storm

Steve and Judy have been serving the Utah Square and Round dance community for over 45 years. Their service has come in many forms, some visible, much behind the scenes.

Steve and Judy are the pre-eminent Teachers and Cuers of Round Dance in Utah. They spent years of time and money working with International Champion Ballroom Dance coaches to perfect their own dance techniques. Those techniques and their ability to teach them to other round dancers sets them apart. The investment they made in their own dancing and in sharing with us, brings grace, flow and precision that we would not have had otherwise.

Currently, 33 original Storm dances are listed on Round a Lab, which will recognize and reward their 45 years of teaching and promoting Round Dancing. They have served on committees for both ROUNDALAB and the Dixie Round Dance Council.

Steve knows the importance of sharing his knowledge with other cuers. Steve has taught Cuers school. Several current cuers, among whom are Mike McNees, LaMont Harris, Karen Knowles, Patrick Allred, Doug Dodge, T.J. Chadd and the late Richard Stromberg have benefited from the start he gave them. He shares his pre-recorded cues very generously so that round dancing can be done in places where he cannot be in attendance.

Steve and Judy have taught at both National Square and National Round Dance conventions. They have been the featured cuers at regional and state festivals from the east coast to Alaska. Locally they spent many Saturday afternoons traveling to Northern Utah teaching dancers who can’t get to Salt Lake for the regular classes.

Steve and Judy have been a big part of Fish Lake for many years and performed at the after-parties. They are so inspiring to watch. They are such a good example and encourage others to join in the fun of round dancing.

A normal week for Steve and Judy includes Teaching Rounds 3 nights a week, plus cueing rounds at Rocketeers. At square dances, Steve always dances as an angel whenever needed. He has such a good, fun attitude. You probably heard him say “I’m having more fun than I deserve.”

Please join with us in recognizing and thanking Steve and Judy Storm for their 45 years of improving Round and Square Dancing in Utah!!!!!